In the Neighborhood
1 hour
​In the Neighborhood tutoring sessions are great for everyone. These sessions may be inside your home (as long as you are comfortable), your yard, or wandering around your neighborhood. This is a great starting point for all dogs include our baby puppies and reactive dogs. These sessions also naturally build towards Out & About sessions, especially if that's your goal. 

These sessions are scheduled for an hour of training time.
Out & About
2 hours
Out & About tutoring sessions are great for those who are looking to generalize their dogs skills and be able to take them to local parks, stores, or restaurant patios. These tutoring sessions are scheduled for 2 hours, allowing up to 30 minutes of driving time each way and guaranteeing a full hour of training time. Your trainer will select the exact location of each session based on your goals, the weather, and your dogs abilities. 

These sessions are also great for our reactive dogs who are working towards getting their skills into more public places. We do recommend that reactive dogs start with In the Neighborhood sessions to set a foundation of skills before moving Out & About.