FREE Movement Assessment
A 60 minute comprehensive evaluation analyzing movement patterns, range of motion, strength, etc. in order to ultimately assist in optimizing movement. The movement assessment also includes individualized treatment (strengthening, education, Astym, stretching, soft tissue mobilization, etc.).
Free · 1 hr
Gym Tour
Interested in taking a look at Fit One Four? Schedule a time here to meet with me, take a tour and get a feel for the gym culture.
Free · 30 min
Single Treatment Session
A 60 minute comprehensive and individualized treatment based on injury/pathology. Treatments may include strengthening, stretching, range of motion, neuromuscular re-education, soft tissue mobilizations, joint mobilizations, manual therapy, Astym treatment, functional activities, therapeutic exercise, gait training, and postural re-education.
$100 · 1 hr
5 Treatment Sessions
Package of 5 single treatment sessions at a 10% discount.
$450 · 5 sessions
2 Treatments Per Month
Two treatments per month at a 15% discount.
This subscription is best for consistent trained feedback and addressing ongoing injuries.
$170 · due every 4 weeks
Single Tune Up Session
A 30 minute session designed to help relieve an injury or nagging pain that is limiting current gym goals. This includes several hands-on treatment options: Astym treatment, soft tissue mobilizations, trigger point release, theragun application, manual stretching, joint mobilizations, PNF techniques, etc.
$50 · 30 min
5 Tune Up Sessions
Package of 5 single tune up sessions at a 10% discount.
$225 · 5 sessions
4 Tune Ups Per Month
Four tune up sessions per month at a 20% discount. This subscription provides hands on treatments needed on a consistent basis to optimize lifts and movements, also addressing nagging injuries, aches, and pains.
$160 · due every 4 weeks