Eleventh Hour Lash Lounge
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**Calendar opens 1 month at a time at 9:00am on the 15th of the current month for the next month. Example: July calendar opens at 9am on June 15th**

Hello, my name is Ashley Adjei-Bonsu, owner of Eleventh Hour Lash lounge and Eleventh Hour Studio Suites and Med Spa in Dallas, TX.
As an Esthetician and lead Lash stylist, It is my mission to prioritize self care as a necessity for women and men of all ethnicities. I find it very important to provide a great customer experience, and to also educate each client on how to care for the health of your skin and the application and aftercare of lash extensions.

I hope to meet you soon and provide you with the ultimate Eleventh Hour experience!

Follow me on Instagram: @EditbyEleventhHour