6 Pack - Private Dog Training and Socialization (Your Home)
6 sessions
For dogs 9 months and up
Our private dog classes are designed for the entire family to be a part of your dog's training. Cues, skill developments, and socialization skills that are covered include:
* sit
* down
* stay
* leave it
* with me (heel)
* settle
* stand
* touch
* kennel up
* watch me
* loose leash walking
* impuse control
* place
* take-drop
‚Äč* off-on
* body handling

$392 for 6 sessions. (A 66% savings over individual sessions).
* Lifetime access to password-protected client support web portal
* Lifetime email or text support for addressed behavior

You book your sessions to fit your schedule.
Classes are held in your home or places that allow dogs in their businesses.
Class lasts 60 minutes

To participate in this class we need to see up-to-date documentation of age-appropriate vaccinations including:
*Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza vaccinations.
Rabies vaccination for dogs aged 16 weeks or older.
* 6-ft leash - Absolutely no Flexi Leashes allowed.
* Flat collar
* Harness
* Training treats and a treat pouch