Smudge Proof Lipstick/Blushing
3 hours
đź‘„Full lip color by Mandi is a great way to bring back that faded lip line. Lip color will never smudge and you can just gloss and go.đź‘„This session will include one touch up session in 8-10 weeks to refine shape and color.

There is always maintenance needed, typically on an annual basis to keep them looking their best. Those follow ups, we call them color boost sessions, start at $100. Once you’re a client of Pretty in Ink, those color boost sessions can be obtained for free with referrals!
Tooth Gems
30 minutes
$50 for the first gem and $20 for each additional gem during your appointment.
“Like a walking Orbit’s gum commercial” ✨
1 hour
Send photos ASAP upon booking:

This 1 session of the non-laser pigment removal.
Tooth Fairy Dust
40 minutes
$75 for each tooth
“Like a walking Orbit’s gum commercial” ✨