20 minute consultation.. the fee may be used towards any serviced that day.
$25 · 20 min
Shampoo/Style On Relaxed Hair Starting $60
Lavish shampoo, condition and style on relaxed hair. Short wrap and style, flat iron or roller set.
Perm rod or flex Rod set is extra
$60 · 1 hr
Add A Cut. This service is for clients with RELAXERS
If your getting a shampoo style.
Add this Cut to your style.
$25 · TBD
Flatiron Long Relaxed Hair
This service includes a shampoo, conditioning and flatiron style on relaxed hair. ( relaxer not included) if it's been more than 6 weeks pleased add a relaxer retouch
$75 · 1 hr
Relaxer RETOUCH For Short Hair Styling Included. Cut Not included
$90 · 1 hr
Relaxer Retouch , Shampoo & Style. Medium to long length
RELAXER RETOUCH shampoo & style included.. If your natural hair partially natural and relaxed more than 2 inches please book a relaxer on natural hair
$110 · 1 hr
Full Relaxers On Natural Hair and Style
If your natural and going to relaxer please select this service. If your are Between Natural and Relaxed chooe this service. IF you over do for ac relaxer choose this service.
Shampoo & Style included.
Please add a Cut if needed.
$130 · 1 hr
CUTS ONLY for clients with relaxers . No style, shampoo or blow dry
Hair Cut Only on relaxed hair. Not style included . If your natural. Please book a natural hair cut.
Hair need to be clean and straight for this service. Thank u
$35 · 30 min
Shampoo and Conditioner Only. No style or dry
Lavish shampoo and Conditioner Only. You may add other services. Choose this service if your looking for a simply shampoo and plan to air dry. No styling, no blow-dry or hair drying included.
$30 · TBD
Add Color Rinse Semi Permanent
Color rinse or demi. Price varies depending on hair thickness and length.
$25 · 30 min
Shampoo and Conditioner Only. This service come with all styles.
Lavish shampoo and Conditioner Only. You may add other services. Choose this service if your looking for a simply shampoo and plan to air dry. No styling, no blow-dry or hair drying included.
$30 · 30 min
Tonya Debraha Andrea shampoo style
Price TBD · 1 hr, 30 min
Permanent Color Only!Style Not Included
This color service maybe added to any service. If you would like to come in for this service with no blow dry or style included that's fine aswell. This includes a Color one step process. No bleaching is included. No color correction is included. If you need those services please text or call me. This is my starting price. Actual price will be determined during consultation.
$110 · 10 min
ADD Deep Conditioner, Hot Oil Treatmemt or Detox Treament Starting Price $25
Price varies depending on hair thickness and length
$25 · 20 min
Add Permanent Color 1 step process
On step process does not include lightening hair
Please consult with your stylist
If you would like to cover gray or darken your hair with a permanent color instead of a rinse add this service.
Price varies on thickness and length. Price will be adjusted at the time of service
$65 · 1 hr
Add Color Foil Highlights on Relaxed hair Shampoo Style
Includes Shampoo, Condition and highlights with Foils or other techniques maybe used to achieve this look. Starting price $165
Does Not include style. Price may change after consultations. This service is for clients that desire to lighten or change hair color using permanent hair color or bleach. Please have hair cleaned and detangled to insure a great even color service. Please send me examples of hair color you desire and previous hair
color used. You may also send a picture of your hair to avoid a separate consultation. If you hair is long or thick expect to pay more.
Any color corrections are extra.
$165 · 1 hr, 30 min
Add Book Me after Hours
You maybe book with me after hours or on my off day with a $55 added fee. Please text me your info and service 8322456806
$55 · 1 hr
Braid down
Braid down only (shampoo not included) you may add that service if needed
$50 · 1 hr
Keratin Treatment And Up
Keratin thermal treatment 75.00 nonfundable deposit if u cancel, reschedule or miss your appointme
$225 · 3 hr
Natural Hair Style 85 and up
2 stand twist, coils, permrod sets..
this is my starting price
$85 · 1 hr
If your hair natural is thick and long please select this service. It will be adjusted before your service.
This is also a starting price. Shampoo v and condition is included.
Please have hair detangled before service.
$85 · 1 hr, 30 min
Silk PRESS Short Natural Hair
Natural hair temporary straightener
$65 · 1 hr
Add Natural Hair Cut To your service
Hair cut on Natural hair. You must purchase another natural hair service to add this cut. Or purchase Natural hair cut only
$30 · 30 min
NATURAL HAIR CUT ONLY. (Does Not include shampoo or style)
Haircut on natural hair cut only. Please have hair detangled and shampooed. Or add these services. BLOW dry not included. Please add this service or pick natural style.
$55 · 30 min
Starter locs or dreds
Your ready to start your Loc Journey. This service is for short to medium length hair. If your hair Is past the normal length please be prepared the price may change. This is only a starting price until I actually consult with you.
$110 · 1 hr
Locs/Dred Maintenance Short to Medium Hair
Loc Maintenance or Retwist. Short to Medium Hair. If your locs has not been retwist in a while there will be a upcharge.
$85 · 1 hr
Locs or Dreds for Long Locs Maintenance or Retwist
$105 · 1 hr, 30 min
Add Color Foil Highlights in Natural Hair
Natural hair colored and lightened. No style included. Prices Vary Depending on technique, hair length and thickness. Please have have shampooed and detangled. Please send me any v colors you have used on your hair. Also send me a picture of your hair color and desire color.
$165 · TBD
Quick Weaves
This is a starting price quick weaves prices vary.
$85 · 1 hr
Regular Sewin And Style Deposit Required
Lavish shampoo, blow out, braid down, Sewin, cut and style. Please purchase the extension take down service if need. If you need your previous extension service add that aswell. Closure are extra. A 75.00 dollar nonfundable deposit is required to book your appointment. If you cancel, no show or reschedule deposits are non refundable. Add any extra services that u may need such as color, relaxers, closures, extra buddles, deep conditioners, trims, previous sewin removals etc. Thank you
$200 · 2 hr
Sewin, Take Down With Same Hair
Reinstallation Sewin Extension includes. Removal of hair extensions, Reusing the same hair extension. Which includes shampooing and treatment of previous uses extensions. removing braids, Detangling shampoo/condition hair. Hair Blowout on natural hair. Natural Hair will be braided, extensions installed and styled. Hair Cut is included if requested. Closure installations are extra.
$275 · 2 hr
Sewin Removal ONLY
Remove Previous Sewin
$50 · 30 min
Sewin Maintenance Shampoo Style
Select this service for shampoo style in sewins or hair extension. Which will include tightening any loose tracks on sewins that has been installed 6WEEKS OR LESS. I only provided maintenance services on sewins that has been installed 6weeks or less.
$75 · 1 hr
Eyebrow Microblading with a shading please text me to book
Please contact Me by text. 8322456806
$250 · 2 hr