Pre-Puppy Initial Consultation
Before your puppy arrives we will discuss choosing the right breed, prep for homecoming, easy transitions to your home, equipment needs and more.
Being prepared will reduce stress on both you and your puppy!
$100 · 1 hr
Initial Consultation (in person or Zoom)
This consult allows us to discuss training goals, problem behaviors, training methods. Trainer will work with both owner and dog and provide an initial training lesson based on goals.
$150 · 1 hr, 30 min
Private Training One Hour -trainer,owner,dog
This session can be purchased as part of a package or as a follow up to an initial consultation. Session includes trainer working with dog and trainer coaching owner.
$100 · 1 hr
Private Training 4-Pack
This discounted package is a series of 4 training sessions. The initial session establishes training goals and introduces foundation behaviors. Subsequent sessions provide additional training and support based on your needs and goals. The whole family can participate!

Once you purchase the package, Choose “One Hour Coaching Session” to book individual sessions.
$360 · 4 sessions
Private Training/ 8-pack
This series of 8 training sessions. The initial session will establish training goals, address current struggles and introduce foundation behaviors. Subsequent sessions will provide training to meet goals and build additional foundation.

Behaviors your puppy will learn include response to name, auto check-ins, sit, down, coming when called, settle on a mat, exchanges, disengaging from distractions and more.

To book individual sessions choose
Private training/one hour.
$760 · 8 sessions
Private Training - 12 Pack
This packages allows you to combine training options as needed- choose an initial goal setting appointment. We will review the coaching, day training, and puppy camp options and customize a training schedule that works for you and benefits your pup.

Once you purchase this package choose a one hour private coaching session as your first appointment and then choose subsequent appointments based on your training plan.
$1,150 · 12 sessions
One Hour Day Training Lesson (trainer + dog)
Trainer and dog spend one hour together at trainer’s home or in public working toward training goals.
$100 · 1 hr
Puppy Day Camp DISCOUNT Package
Puppy comes to trainers home for 3 days/3 hours per day. Package price reflects a 10% discount off daily rate.

Subsequent camp days can be scheduled individually or in packs of 3. Camp days are scheduled at clients convenience within a span of 3 weeks.

Once you purchase the package, book your individual camp days by choosing choose Puppy Day Camp from the menu of services.
$600 · 3 sessions
Puppy Day Camp
Puppy comes to trainer's home for up to three hours. Training provided is based on individual training goals. Socialization, crate and house training, and practicing specific behaviors are combined.

Note: We recommend you begin with the Day Camp Package (select package from menu) The package allows us to profess toward your training goals while really getting to know your puppy.
$225 · 3 hr
Leash Walking Solutions
30 minute coaching session on any and all leash walking struggle you may be having. This service does not include aggression cases.
$50 · 30 min
30 minute Phone Consultation
Have questions? Need some immediate trouble shooting with your pup? We are happy to provide guidance via phone.
$40 · 30 min
Private Zoom Consult and Training
Our private online conference (via Zoom conferencing) will identify your individual struggles and establish training goals. We train through live demos, real time coaching with you and your pup. Recorded session notes are provided. Fun, efficient and easy!
$100 · 1 hr
30 minute Zoom Follow Up Consultation
Follow up with us via Zoom to evaluate progress and advance your training plan to next level.

$50 · 1 hr, 30 min