HER Monthly MembHERship
One 120-min Recommended Advanced Skincare Facial Treatment

20% Off Additional Services (i.e. Back Treatments, Depigmentation Peel
System, Body & Facial Waxing/Tinting, Eyelash Lifts, and Makeup Applications)

25% Off Internal Skincare Products via
HER-bal's Online Dispensary.

20% Off Online Topical Skincare Products on

15% Off Cryoskin Therapy (Slimming & Toning) Body Treatments

Complimentary Healing Hand and/or Foot Masque during The Advanced Skincare Facial Treatment

A Free Brow Wax Voucher to redeem for yourself or give to a friend (one-time sign-up benefit. Can only be redeemed once. Once redeemed enjoy 20% off future brow wax services)

Please visit our website for Full Terms & Conditions before subscribing:
$360 $234 ยท due every month