Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) initial appt
During this first session, we will assess your individual needs to complete the SSP protocol, determine an initial treatment plan, and usually start your first listening session. Remote digital delivery is currently available for those with android devices.
$150 · 1 hr, 30 min
60 minute Appointment with Megan
Adoption Therapy
Child Welfare
Trauma Informed Care
$125 · 1 hr
Appointment with Lisa
Adoption Therapy
Certified Brainspotting Therapist
Complex Trauma

Individual appointments only.
A Fee Reduction can be applied once the Fee Reduction Contract & documentation has been submitted
$120 · 1 hr
Appointment with Danielle
Ages 11-24

A sliding fee scale based on annual household income may be available
$115 · 1 hr
Teleconference with Brooke
If you are interested in starting counseling with Brooke, please first email for availability or schedule a free teleconference. During this appointment, Brooke can answer your questions and discuss an initial plan for counseling.
Free · 15 min
Appointment with Kelsie
Couples Counseling
Individual counseling for adults & teens
$120 · 1 hr
Free Teleconference
We would love to answer your questions and help you find the right fit. If you have a preference of counselors to speak to please leave that in the notes. We will call you at the confirmed time and or provide you with teleconferencing login information
Free · 15 min
Appointment with Kamri
Burn out
$120 · 1 hr
Appointment with Tim
Family counseling
Teen or adult individuals.

A sliding fee scale based on annual household income can be applied once all paperwork has been received.
$110 · 1 hr