Deluxe ☆DETAIL☆ Special
Heated Pre-Soak & Foam Bath Hand Wash
5-Step Wheel Clean, Turbo Air Dry
Undercarriage & Fender Well Clean
30 Day Tire Gloss
Ceramic SUPER Wax!
Clean ALL Windows inside & out
FULL Interior Vacuum
Steam Sanitize & Steam Clean Interior
Clean door jambs, Condition Vinyl/Leather
Deep Clean & Protect Rubber Floor Mats!
Steam & Disinfect Ventilation System
Disinfect ALL Touch Points!
$97 · 2 hr
SUPER Wash +Quick Interior
Our SUPER Hand Wash PLUS
👉 FULL Vacuum & CLEAN Windows
Dust Dash & Center Console
FREE Disinfectant of All Touch Points!
*LARGE or VERY Dirty Cars ADD $25 Below*
$49.95 · 1 hr
Heated Pre-Soak & Foam Bath Hand Wash
5-Step Wheel Clean, Turbo Air Dry
Undercarriage & Fender Well Clean
30 Day Tire Gloss
Ceramic FAST Wax!
(Now Includes FREE Quick VAC)
Additional Options can be added below
$35 · 30 min
Add this to your package if you have a LARGE, Muddy, or Excessively dirty car!! Vehicles that are not regularly maintained require additional time, incurring more cost.
$25 · 20 min
ADD Windshield Sealant
Our Ceramic Windshield Coating. Adds a waterproof protective coating. Repels Bugs and water by adding a slick barrier of protection. Prevent CHIPS and CRACKS on your Windshield from Rain, Snow, Frost, and Rocks for up to 12 months with the Wipe-On Windshield Protector.
$24.95 · 1 hr
ADD Headlights Made NEW
Headlight Restoration!
5-Step Restore & Reseal of Headlights.
$39.95 · 30 min
ADD Windshield Chip REPAIR
$49 · 1 hr
ADD 1Step Paint Polish
1 Step Machine Polish to remove Dull Oxidation, fine scratches, swirls, and other defects in the paint. Then we apply a coat of sealant Protection!
$199 · 1 hr, 45 min
ADD Super INTERIOR includes a
FULL Steam Vacuum, Steam Sanitize & Steam Clean of Dash, cup holders, & console.
Clean door jambs, Condition Vinyl/Leather
Clean ALL Windows inside/out.
Deep Clean & Protect Rubber Floor Mats!
Steam & Disinfect ALL Surfaces.
**ADDITIONAL $20 fee for Large or Neglected Vehicles***
$39.95 · 1 hr
ADD 1yr Ceramic Coating
Our Famous 1 Year Ceramic Coating is applied to the Paint, Glass, & Wheels, for an unbeatable protection and Super Glossy, Clean car that last!
This ceramic coating is Guaranteed to protect your Vehicle for 12 months!
(Paint correction polishing is additional $199)
$97 · 1 hr
Blood/Vomit/Urine/Pet Hair/MOLD
ADD THIS! if you desire removal of Blood, Urine, Vomit, Mold or Excessive Pet Hair!
We charge a minimum fee of $120 to remove any Blood, Urine, Vomit, Mold, or Pet Hair from your vehicle interior.
*If area is larger than one seat, floor mat, etc, the price may increase!
$125 · 2 hr
#4 Complete DETAIL & Ceramic
Super CLEAN Detail
Our Super Wash & CERAMIC Wax PLUS
👉 SUPER Interior DEEP Clean & Condition.
Clean ALL Windows including seams.
Vacuum & Steam All Carpets & Seats.
STEAM CLEAN console, cupholders, vents, steering wheel, door panels. Shampoo Interior & Clean All Floor Mats
Now includes 1-Step Paint Polish & 1 Yr Ceramic Coating, including paint, wheels, glass, and chrome! Our Coating forms a hardened glass membrane that fills in the microscopic pits and pores, creating a perfectly smooth surface that dirt cannot adhere to. Your car will be waterproof and stay cleaner longer!

☆4-6 Hour Service Time☆
(May be additional fee on LARGE or Neglected Vehicles)
$249 · 4 hr
Initial Clean Maid Service
First scheduled service: Initial Deep Cleaning of all rooms in residential property.
$285 · 1 hr
Commercial Window Cleaning
Consist of cleaning all Storefront windows inside and out monthly.
$125 · 1 hr
Wash & Wax for 32ft or smaller
$400 · 8 hr
3 Step Polish | 5yr Ceramic
Clay Bar Treatment to remove all contaminates from clear coat.
3-Step Machine Polish Paint Correction to REMOVE fine scratches and swirls from paint. Finished with a 5 year Ceramic Coating. Our Famous CERAMIC SHIELD for Ultimate Paint Protection & SHINE! ***
$1,595 · 6 hr
Maid Service: Bi-Weekly
Initial deep cleaning service on residential property.
$125 · 2 hr, 30 min
Gift Certificate: $250
Gift of Cleaning Service
$250 . gift certificate
Leather Seat Restoration
$199 · TBD