Private 1-2-1 Programs Free Phone Consultation
15 minutes
This booking option is ONLY for booking a consultation for PRIVATE one on one programs. Group classes have their own booking link.

Do you need help with potty training or does your puppy or adult dog need better house manners?

This option is ideal if you are looking for:
* A PRIVATE program in your home -or-
* A PRIVATE program at my center based at Embassy Veterinary Center & Pet
Retreat Tampa located at 16719 Balance Cv, Land O' Lakes, FL 34638

Schedule your FREE 15-minute discovery call today. Let’s talk about how to get you and your puppy or dog on the right PAW!

Once your call is booked you will receive a required, but brief, intake form.
Once the intake form is completed, at that time only, your appointment time will be confirmed.

Please make sure that all the financial decision makers are able to be a part of your discovery call.