Udhvartana/Nadi Swedana (herbal steam) Combination - Deep Detox - Weight Loss
1 hour, 30 minutes
Udvartana with herbal steam (swedana)

UDHVARTANA is a stimulating massage and body scrub done with either dry herbal powders or mixed with warm oils into a paste. Both powerfully exfoliate and deeply detoxify the tissues, and are recommended in Ayurveda for purification, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, circulation, musculoskeletal problems, and deep detoxification.

NADI SWEDANA steam is generated by boiling specific herbalized liquids or essential oil aromatherapy in a pot. The pot is attached with a pipe for the steam to flow towards the body. We use a seated steam box to provide this treatment. A cold compress is applied to the head, and other areas which are to remain cool.