Swedana, Heat Therapies, Add On
30 minutes
Add an Ayurvedic Heat Therapy to a massage, used typically as a treatment for various vata vyadhi or a preparation procedure for panchakarma depending upon your condition.

Swedana stimulates sweat glands to increase perspiration and circulation. It alleviates vitiated vata and kapha dosha. It helps reduce pain, stiffness, heaviness and coldness in the body and indicated in asthma, cough, running nose, sinusitis, flatulence, constipation, heaviness, stiffness, joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, spasticity and various vata vyadhi like paralysis, osteoarthritis, low back ache, etc.

Contraindicated for: dehydration, weakness, very dry skin, dizziness, ascites, inflammation, edema, fever, anemia, jaundice, after consumption of alcohol, during pregnancy or menstruation.

Sweating therapy is adapted to the individual, combined with proper herbs and applied with consideration to the imbalance, season, and organ affected to be effective. 

Types of Swedana:

PINDA SWEDANA a bolus prepared with herbs or pastes and heated to induce sweating. Aching joints and muscles are massaged vigorously with warm herbal bags, draining toxins and giving relief to pain and tension in the affected areas, relieving musculoskeletal problems like rheumatoid arthritis. We offer a variety of pinda sweda according to what is indicated.

NADI SWEDANA seated steam box with herbalizezd herbal steam.

UPANAHA SWEDANA sweating is induced with a paste, bandage or poultice, according to indications.