Online Yoga Therapy Package of 3
3 sessions
Sessions are designed for your specific needs and goals.
Each session begins with a brief client intake and evaluation and ends with guided relaxation and integration. We recommend using Yoga Therapy in conjunction with Ayurvedic Discovery Consultation for addressing health issues, personal goals and a deeper assessment, education and health boost.

RESTORATIVE YOGA NIDRA, DEEP RELAXATION & GUIDED MEDITATION Utilizes breathing and guided imagery that provide deep rest, rejuvenation and clarity, that balances the brain and the nervous system, rejuvenating and healing on all levels of the body, mind and spirit to experience a natural state of deep calm and peace. Practices are created according the individual and include skillful integration.

NEUROMUSCULAR RE-EDUCATION and SOMATIC EDUCATION teaches how to move without pain, increase awareness of movement patterns, abdominal strength, muscular control and capacity, joint flexibility and the power of the breath deepening the mind/body connection. Routines can be adapted to be gentle enough for beginners or sophisticated enough to challenge the super-fit, as well as a thoughtful approach to movement and working out.

We recommend first time patients complete an Ayurvedic Discovery Consultation for Yoga Therapy Treatment Programs, though individual sessions are available either after completing the initial package of 3 or for specific needs and goals.