Early Bird: Ayurvedic Massage Training; Udhvartana and Nadi Swedana - In Person, 11/9 & 10
12 hours
This program provides 12 contact hours of hands on training in Udhvartana and Nadi Swedana Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork treatments.

Udhvartana is a stimulating massage and body scrub with Ayurvedic powder and warm oil that is known for its lymphatic drainage and ability to detox and rejuvenate. It is often used therapeutically for Ayurvedic weight loss protocols when there is an excess of kapha dosha or heaviness in the body.

Nadi Swedana is a steam treatment, using a traditional steam bath used to stimulate sweating and often utilizing essential oils or Ayurvedic herbs according to the person’s Ayurvedic constitution and condition.

Students will also learn the Ayurvedic foundations, principles and theory that inform these modalities, and support effective and optimal therapeutic practice, including the benefits and contraindications, equipment, products, powders and oils, and the 10 Steps To Freedom with the Kosha Model to view the Ayurvedic Root Causes of Disease and Definition of Health.

CEU's for LMT, CEBroker Approved Provider #50-19283, NCBTMB Approved Provider #1192 and NAMA-PACE for Ayurvedic Professionals, (approved by The National Ayurvedic Medical Association, NAMA).

Early Bird thru October 8, 2024