Early Bird: Ayurvedic Massage Training; Garshana and Abhyanga-Online, 10/19 & 20
12 hours
In this training you will learn 3 and 5 sided positions and one and two practitioner formats for Garshana & Abhyanga massage.

Garshana Massage is a silk glove massage that exfoliates the skin and stimulates lymphatic flow and drainage and is an optimal preparation for Abhyanga Massage.

Abhyanga Massage is a rhythmic body massage with warm Ayurvedic oils that helps arterial and lymphatic circulation and drainage and is the signature Ayurvedic massage modality. Warm Ayurvedic herbalized oil, selected according to one’s Ayurvedic constitution and condition, are used.

This program provides 12 contact hours of hands on training in Garshana and Abhyanga Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork treatments , where students learn the Ayurvedic foundations, principles and theory that inform these modalities, and support effective and optimal therapeutic practice, including the 5 elements, constitutional/doshic theory, circadian rhythms, beneficial daily routine that inform personalized and therapeutic session protocol and modifications.

Also included: setting up the treatment room, Ayurvedic Oil Preparation, the role of Panchakarma, Comparative Approaches to Healing and 10 Keys to Health and Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment.

Early Bird thru September 18, 2024