Early Bird: Ayurvedic Massage Training: Pinda Swedana, Therapeutic Bolas App - Online, 10/26
7 hours
In this Ayurvedic Massage Training students will learn how to perform 3 types of Pinda Swedana, and the accompanying Ayurvedic foundations and theory to understand its purpose, and appropriate adaptations and contraindications for each Ayurvedic constitution and condition, for optimal practice, benefit and safety.

Pinda literally translates as bolus and Swedana means sweating or heat application.

Pinda Swedana massages are heat applications, utilizing a bolus to transfer heat and the benefits of various herb powders, leaves, spices and carriers such as milk or oil to the body, with a variety of indications including purification, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, circulation, musculoskeletal problems, and deep detoxification as well as nourishment, rejuvenation, and exfoliating and healing the skin.

Students will make and apply 3 types of Pinda Swedana, therapeutic bolas applications, and learn foundations of Ayurveda for assessment, indications, adaptations and contraindications. Information about herbal leaves and powders, oils and products is included.

CEU's for CEBroker Approved Provider #50-19283, NCBTMB Approved Provider #1192 and NAMA-PACE for Ayurvedic Professionals, (approved by The National Ayurvedic Medical Association, NAMA).

Early Bird thru September 25, 2024