Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment - Clarity & Allergy; SANS/Head Massage/Nasya/Steam
1 hour
NASYA (herbalized oil nose drops), Remove impurities from the sinuses, head and neck, and balances prana and energy.

NASYA/SANS (Sinus Abhyanga Nasya, Steam) is a treatment used as a sinus/allergy treatment that also balances energy and the nervous system and promotes clarity.

It is a full head, neck, shoulder, and face massage, followed by aromatic full body steam and Ayurvedic nose drops prepared according to your needs, that clear impurities from the head and neck, open sinuses, and stimulate the lymphatic system and circulation to the brain, balancing the brain and the nervous system for detoxification, energy flow and relaxation.  

The procedure relieves neck pain, removes impurities from the sinuses, head and neck, strengthening the nasal passages, and balancing the nervous system and is effective for sinus congestion and allergies, promotes vitality, as it balances the nervous system.

This procedure is effective for:
Sinus congestion and allergies
Promotes mental clarity and vitality
Balances prana/vata and energy
Neck pain

For addressing chronic issues, we recommend an Ayurvedic Discovery, and combining with full body Oil Massage - Abhyanga