Ayurvedic Energy Point Therapy - Subtle & Balancing; Marma Chikitsa
1 hour
MARMA CHIKITSA Marma Therapy, utilizes stimulation of Marma points that are vital energy points on the body, that can be used as a diagnostic tool as well as for healing and balancing and affecting the body, mind and consciousness. Marmani will either be stimulated or calmed, purified or nourished, providing increased circulation, nourishment, relaxation, and ultimately open the doorway to deeper consciousness, clear perception, awareness and healing.

The session includes light or deep pressure to specific points with Ayurvedic Aroma Therapy. We use only the finest high quality organic essential oils, tailored to your unique constitution.  We may also use gem stones, vibrational tuning fork, and Chakra Balancing, tailored to the unique needs of the client as per their constitution, age, and condition.

This is a subtle treatment that is done fully clothed.

We recommend combining with shirodhara for optimal benefits.