Ultimate Canine Retreat
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Ultimate Canine Retreat Membership - $139

Treat your dog to the ultimate care experience with our Ultimate Canine Retreat membership. This premium package includes a comprehensive suite of services designed to pamper, enrich, and support both you and your furry friend:

• Two Baths: Keep your dog looking and feeling their best with two rejuvenating baths.
• Four 30-Minute Play Sessions: Maximize fun and fitness with four engaging sessions in our enrichment center, tailored to keep your dog active and happy.
• One Enrichment Toy: Provide endless entertainment and mental stimulation with a carefully selected toy that suits your dog’s preferences and play style.
• One Healthy Food Topper: Boost your dog’s diet with a delicious and nutritious topper that adds extra flavor and health benefits to their meals.
• One Apothecary Item: Select a special treat from our apothecary range, designed to enhance your dog’s overall well-being and care routine.
• One 60-Minute Session with Our Licensed Family Dog Mediator: This in-depth consultation allows you to explore a variety of topics such as behavioral issues, training strategies, or any specific concerns you might have, providing tailored advice and actionable solutions.

The Ultimate Canine Retreat is our most luxurious membership, offering exceptional value and a variety of services to ensure your dog enjoys a rich and rewarding life. Sign up today and transform your dog’s routine into a truly extraordinary experience!