Bark N Browse Reactive Dog Shopping
20 minutes
Introducing “Bark & Browse: Reactive Dog Shopping” at our facility! We understand the unique challenges faced by owners of reactive dogs, whether triggered by people or other canines. That’s why we’re offering a special, scheduled opportunity just for you and your furry friend. During your visit, it’s only you, your dog, and a helpful staff member in a serene environment.

Take your time to peruse our selection of supplies while your dog comfortably explores and adapts at their own pace. We’ve created a secure and welcoming space where your dog can roam freely, leash dragging allowed, to sniff and inspect to their heart’s content. This is the perfect chance for your reactive companion to have a stress-free shopping experience, ensuring both you and your pet leave happy and relaxed. Reserve your exclusive slot and experience shopping like never before at Bark & Browse!