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Wholistic Canine & Paws N' Play
I’m Terra Ruiz, your Canine Relationship Coach and Licensed Family Dog Mediator. As a CRC, I believe my role extends beyond traditional dog training and commands.

My expertise revolves around helping clients address various challenges such as reactivity, anxiety, fear of strangers, aggression, and grooming-related issues in their dogs.

I’m deeply committed to equipping clients with the skills to communicate effectively with their dogs, ensuring their objectives are in harmony.

My credentials include affiliations with Training Between The Ears, the Michael Ellis Dog Training School, Tyler Muto’s Advanced Training Courses, Puppy Culture Courses, IACP Dog Trainer Foundation Certification, Pet Food Nutrition Specialist Certification. I’m also certified as a Trick Trainer with Do More With Your Dog, Fenzi Dog Sports Pet Professional’s Program, and a Licensed Family Dog Mediator