Sovereign Energy Foundations Payment Plan
due every month
Sovereign Energy Foundations is a 12-week live program where I teach a set of essential practices to clear, ground, balance, and protect your own energy, as well as clear the spaces in which you work with clients (in person and online), so that you are unfuckwithable AND not fucking up anyone else’s space.

We’ll cover everything from Spiritual protection to social media clearing (including making Instagram a sanctuary for your community rather than a time and energy suck), along with clearing common energetic blocks that keep space holders and spiritual service providers stuck, exhausted, invisible online, and in patterns of servitude instead of pure empowered service.

You will be equipped with HOW to keep your spaces (online, offline, and in the unseen realms) clear without having to perform extensive clearing ceremonies or using a laundry list of tools (like sage, oils, etc.).

You will learn how to hold space for others WITHOUT having to deplete yourself in the process.