Book a Phone Session
It is not necessary to travel in order to work with me. One-on-one confidential sessions by phone are equally powerful as seeing me in-person. International sessions may be conducted via Skype.

Your payment at booking signals your commitment to yourself and activates your session.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me prior to booking.

Please offer 48 hours advance notice if you need to reschedule.
Book a Silent Session
Silence births presence. And presence births miracles. As we release the mind's impulse to think, try, or make sense, we experience peace, love, ourselves, and, ultimately one another.

We do not use our voices during these relaxing distance sessions. Pure Christ light is delivered directly to you wherever you are located.

*If you are new to All Love Healing, I recommend starting with a spoken session, either by phone or in-person. When the time is right, you may feel called to silence.
Book an Attunement
For practitioners of all kinds, healing attunements initiate you into new fields of consciousness and modes of healing in alignment with your unique soul purpose, awakening talents you didn’t know you have.

Sessions are by phone or Skype and available worldwide, wherever you are located. Please call (919) 634-6505 at your appointment time.

If you have questions, schedule a free 15-minute discovery call.
Which service is best for You?
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