Star Seed Soul Retrieval
45 minutes
Star Seed Soul Retrieval releases disconnect and disassociation caused by past or past-life grief, trauma or addiction to suffering. If you’re chronically feeling tired or confused, it’s possible you may be getting in the way of your power. Do you have a feeling that you were born to make a difference? This session is a relaxing and rejuvenating balm for the exhaustion caused by unconsciously denying your destiny or misunderstanding your life meaning. The vibration of unconditional love from Arcturian frequencies enables you to rearrange and reunite vital parts of yourself that were previously persecuted, rejected, abandoned, hidden, or unseen. By gently acknowledging separation from your divinity, this comforting integration often leaves people feeling more clear, whole, alive, and inspired to enjoy your unique life mission on earth. Like receiving a long-lost best friend and guardian, you simply rest and welcome lost fragments of the soul essence that are ready to return home.