Sniff N Search
1 hour
Sniff N Search (nose work) is on the membership program. The membership program allows you to choose any 4 classes per month from a variety of 8 classes at many levels.
* FUN-gility
* Trick class
* Sniff N search
* Game
* Manners
* Confidence
* Impulse control
* Out N about

Nosework is dog sport created to exercise your dogs nose.
Benefits for the dog include physical activity, mental stimulation and confidence building. For both the dog and the handler, sniffing constructively is a great way to bring their relationship to the next level. Sniff and Search is being used more and more to provide enrichment for dogs in shelters.

Dogs can be passionate about the benefits of scent work and believe it’s a positive experience for dog and handler. We’ve seen shelter dogs and timid dogs gain confidence from participating, while also observing improvements in their behavior and attitude.
The activity of nose use celebrates the joy of sniffing, and asks a dog to sniff to thei