Out N About
1 hour
Out N About classes are on the membership program. The membership program allows you to choose any 4 classes per month from a variety of 8 classes

This is an ADVANCED group class. What good is dog training if you can't use it in real life?
Most people want to be able to take their dog everywhere, many dogs do not have enough life experience to successfully handle external places.
Many people are also intimidated or nervous to take their dog out in public for fear of what they may do.

This is a class where we go out and about together working on behaviors you already have mastered but putting them to the test in real life situations.
It's a GREAT experience to really work with your dog in a whole new capacity.

* FUN-gility
* Trick class
* Sniff N search
* Game
* Manners
* Confidence
* Impulse control
* Out N about

This activity is on the membership program. It has a variety of levels and layers from beginning to advanced, you'll never repeat the same class as you continue grow.