Impulse Control Class
1 hour
Impulse control classes are on the membership program. The membership program allows you to choose any 4 classes per month from a variety of 8 classes at many levels.

This is an ADVANCED class, your dog should have basic commands and find amazing mastered first. Impulse control means that your dog is able to control his instincts and impulses to remain calm and obedient, even when he is excited or something catches his attention. This can help him make better decisions and behave appropriately in different situations

Impulse control training is typically done in layers to perfect the skill.
This class can help control the level of distraction layers to help set your dog up for success.

* FUN-gility
* Trick class
* Sniff N search
* Game
* Manners
* Confidence
* Impulse control
* Out N about

This activity is on the membership program. It has a variety of levels and layers from beginning to advanced, you'll never repeat the same class as you continue grow.