Please book with your FIRST AND LAST NAME as it appears on your card with sufficient funds. If your request is missing information or a card declined, I will review the next appt next in line. 馃枻

If a time you need is unavailable, please contact me via text or email for further assistance. Keep in mind, appts before/after reg business hours will require an add鈥檒 fee.馃枻

If you need to reschedule your appt to a new date, you must pay a new deposit. You cannot recycle deposits to multiple dates. Deposits are non-refundable non-transferable to a new date.馃枻

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice then you are still responsible for the FULL REMAINDER BALANCE.馃枻

All clients are given a 10 min grace. Late fees will apply $1 per minute. If you are more than 15 minutes late your appt will be cancelled & charged 100% of the balance.馃枻

All clients must enter with a mask, wash your hands & have your temp taken. Studio seating is limited and we are in an adult friendly environment. 馃枻

Price TBD 路 TBD
This is a Sunday request for makeup. You can choose from Neutral/Natural, Glam+Eyes or Beat. Read the other services descriptions for more details. **In-Studio Appointments are available up to 30 days in advance**
$95 路 1 hr
The "NATURAL/NEUTRAL/NUDE GLAM MAKEOVER " is a full face application which will include- no eyeshadow just a nude color, brow shaping, light foundation coverage, natural strip lashes. This does not include contouring the face. If you want contouring, full coverage foundation or have acne scaring or hyperpigmentation please select Glam Beat for full glam look. (A $25 FEE WILL BE APPLIED TO APPOINTMENTS BEFORE 8AM & AFTER 6PM.)
$85 路 1 hr
GLAM+BEAT makeover is a Full Glam Look with med or full coverage. This a full face application can include the following - eyeshadow, cut crease, wing liner, brow fill in, FULL COVERAGE foundation, color correction, contour, and 3D strip lashes. This service is ideal for someone who wants or full glam or wants a nude glam but may require a full coverage application due to acne scaring, hyper pigmentation, etc. & just prefers full coverage and/or wants emphasizes on eye makeup.. **Appts available up to 30 days in advance** (A $25 FEE WILL BE APPLIED TO APPOINTMENTS BEFORE 8AM & AFTER 6pm)
$95 路 1 hr
GLAM+ BRIDE- In Studio only
Makeup for the bride on wedding day or simply book a consultation/trial with me. If you are requesting a trial, you need to first complete the bridal form on my site to confirm my availability. Bridal Trials are only available Sunday- Monday. However, in studio bridal services are available any day of the week.
$100 路 1 hr
$125 路 1 hr
$10 路 TBD
Upgrade to Luxury Lashes
3D Mink Lashes can be added to your application to make your look more fabulous- please book with your appointment.
$10 路 TBD
Bottom lashes
Bottom Tabs can be added to makeup your look more fabulous
$10 路 TBD
1:1 Glam Lesson
This is a private lesson in studio with Cham. You will learn how to perfect an everyday glam or a makeup application that鈥檚 personalized for you. We will go through your personal makeup bag/kit and decide what are the do鈥檚 and don鈥檛s. **In-Studio Appointments are available up to 30 days in advance**
$250 路 2 hr, 30 min
Advanced 1:1 Glam Lesson
Schedule a one on one and bring a model, your makeup bag/kit and brushes. Learn how to complete a Glam look on someone else鈥檚 face. We will go through your bag/kit and discuss the do鈥檚 and don鈥檛s.
$350 路 3 hr
VIP Client-Do Not Book
This exclusive service should only book this option if you spoke with Cham directly.
Free 路 1 hr
On Location Glam Makeover
Get a glam makeover at your home or hotel!! This service is available Mon- Thursday.
$200 路 1 hr