3R Massages LLC, is a Holistic focused Therapeutic Bodywork office owned by Licensed Massage Therapist and Yogi Karland Barrett. Karland's mission is to share the benefits of conscious living through the focusing on self care and healing, through the use of Breath, Touch and Movement.

To develop Awareness of Self (Body, Mind, Spirit/energy) Karland uses educated knowledge and personal experience with theraputic techniques of Breathing, Touch (massage and energy work) and Movement Therapy (Yoga, stretching) 3R offers a unique wellness experience for clients seeking to make healthy and conscious life changes in unhealthy body patterns, removal of chronic pains and a release from past trauma and triggers.

Services include, Therapeutic Massage (Table Massage, Thai Massage, Unique Therapist Style of Myofascial Release Therapy), Yoga, Movement Therapy, Breathwork and Wellness Coaching