Low Credit Card Processing

Add your checking account in PocketSuite and start accepting credit card payments

A flat 2.5% for credit card processing

Processing rates are flat per transaction fees, no matter what type of credit card your client uses (zero hidden fees)

Client payments are direct deposited into your checking account in 1-2 business days

Professional Invoicing

Set up and send invoices to any one of your clients

Choose how your clients receive your invoices - via SMS text or via email

Invoices are delivered professionally itemized with your company logo, name, contact information, and customized memo

Enable clients to pay each invoice online in seconds (from their computer or on their phone) without needing to sign up for or download a thing

Clients are sent receipts for record keeping

Track all your paid and unpaid invoices within the app

Go to Income and tap "+" to set up and send an invoice


Ask clients to pay a deposit upfront when they confirm an appointment with you

Set the price amount of each service, and specify if a deposit payment is required ahead of the service

Deposits are paid upon confirmation of the appointment by your client

Clients can confirm each appointment online in seconds with a credit card (from their computer or on their phone)

Go to Schedule, tap "+", and tap Total to add a $ deposit due at confirmation


Recurring Client Payments

Put any of your clients on a recurring payment plan

Set a $ amount to auto-charge your client's card on a regular basis - each week, 2 weeks, month, etc.

Clients simply need to confirm their recurring payment series once with credit card, then that's it

For all your favorite client "regulars" - No more trips to the bank, check writing, or invoicing

Income Tracking

Track all your income directly from within PocketSuite

Analyze all sales from clients - cash or credit card - over the past week, month and year

Determine who your most profitable clients are, and even who your least profitable clients are :)

View any and all outstanding invoices so not payment ever slips through the cracks

Paying Staff

Pay anyone who works for you

Send payments to workers directly from with the PocketSuite app
- Add a checking account to send workers payment via ACH transfer
- Add a payment/debit card to send workers payment via card
- Link up your Apple Pay to pay workers via Apple Pay!

Workers get notified via SMS text when a payment is sent

For first-time payments, workers simply will add a checking account in a secure browser (URL link included in their SMS text) to sync up direct deposit

*Worker payment is part of the Premium+ Membership - find all "getting started" information on the Premium+ page*

Watch this Payments video for deeper features in action: